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HDSF Virtual Challenge

HDSF Virtual Challenge

We are currently running the HDSF virtual challenge on Just Giving and Facebook, visiting some of our favourite places in Herts. By doing any sort of activity participants can make their way along the route as fast or as slow as they like, receiving postcards on route and a medal at the end!

Our goal

Over the past 12 months, we have run a variety of weekly sessions to keep people connected to their community. We started with fitness and dance, but quickly realised that a social connection was just as important as physical health in this time, so added discos, bingo and yoga to the offer. Over Christmas we had pantos, and watch-along sessions for those who had their plans cancelled or changed and needed a little bit of extra support at that time.

Now we are looking to the future! Our families have told us how important it is to keep online sessions, so these will continue for the time being. We have the opportunity to build a storage facility at Stanborough Park which will enable us to deliver sessions and new services from the park. We aim to restart one-to-one inductions, group rides and also be able to hire out bikes to families who want to ride around the park.

We will also finally be able to launch our Adapted Bike Library for families. This will mean individuals can be assessed for the right bike, taught how to ride, given tips for how to improve and then borrow the bike for three weeks to make sure it fits in the car / garage / the paths locally to be able to ride, before making the investment themselves. This will save hundreds and thousands of pounds, and ensure that the bike they buy is right for them!

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