Bikeability Lesson

Cycling Activities

2 wheel cycling

1-1 lessons for young people with SEND

If your child needs help getting started or fine tuning their cycling skills we are here to help.  No diagnosis is needed for sessions, we are here for young people that wouldn't cope in group sessions, and need extra help and support.  We have Frog bikes to use for sessions, but we prefer to get young people back on their own bike at the end of sessions, so that they know what to practice and how it will feel.

Schools sessions

We invite schools targeted by their levels of Free School Meals, SEND and index of deprivation data to take part in our cycling program.  We work with 2 classes, teaching those that do not know how to ride a bike how to cycle, and for those who do some skills in preparation for Level 1 Bikeability with HCC.  Children are asked to bring their bike and helmet into school on the day, so that we can check that they are fit for purpose.  We fix bikes where possible and give bikes to those who do not have one at all.

Bike donation events

In order to give children that do not have one and can't afford one, we work with partners on bike donation events.  All bikes go through our workshop to ensure they are fit for use, before finding their new family.  If you have a bike to donate, drop us a message!

Adapted Cycling

HDSF have a fleet of bikes developed to accommodate children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. The fleet includes 3-wheeled trikes in a range of sizes, 2 seater side-by-side bikes, handbikes and wheelchair accessible bikes.

1-1 inductions at Stanborough Park

Looking to get your own adapted bike, or want to hire ours at Stanborough Park, why not join us for a 1-1 induction?  We will work together to identify the right bike and set up for the individual, then go out for a ride to show suitable routes and make sure the bike is suitable.  Following an induction the identified bike can be hired when available at Stanborough.

Member only bike hire

Once you have had an induction, the person and supporter (if needed) can hire the bike selected.

Group bike ride

If you want to join a regular group social ride at Stanborough Park, book your space and the bike you use and join the fun.


Cycling activities at HDSF

Please book all cycling activities via our Find an Activity page