Bikeability Lesson

Home Education

These activities are specifically for young people with SEND who are home educated and their siblings.

Adapted Cycling at Stanborough Park

​This session is for participants that can't ride a two-wheel bike, but want to go for a bike ride. We have a variety of trikes, hand bikes, side-by-side bikes and bikes for people that can't transfer from their wheelchair.

Please be prepared to pedal or walk alongside your child. Everyone riding a bike MUST wear a cycle helmet, you are welcome to bring them with you or borrow ours.

Home Ed Fitness at Stanborough Park

​Tuesdays at Stanborough we run an outdoor fitness class just for Home Educated children.  This activity lasts for 45 minutes, including a warm up, stretches and a variety of fun fitness activities. Drinks breaks are included as needed.


Learn to ride a two-wheel bike / Bikeability

Information and all available one-to-one two-wheel cycling lessons are available to book here

​Archery at Hatfield Leisure centre

This activity is not currently available.

We will be using pointy traditional arrows, but will also have alternative equipment for anyone that needs it.  The session will involve taking turns and waiting in a safe place (not in front of the target) so please reinforce this so that it is not a surprise. We will be focusing on the archers, so please be prepared to help with this if needed.

If sturdy sleeves are not worn, we will have archery sleeves to protect the forearm from the string.

This activity is for age 8+. Siblings are very welcome.

Bell Boating at Stanborough Park (South side)

​This is a big, stable 10 seater paddle boat, great for those that want to go out on the water but not in it!  All participants on the boat MUST wear a buoyancy aid which we will provide.

Buy a participant ticket and get an adult seat included free. Minimum age for participant is 8 (this is a Stanborough activity centre rule)

To book bell boating click here

Doughnutting at Gosling Sports Park

This activity is not currently available.

​If your child has energy to burn, this is the activity for you! Doughnutting is basically walking up a hill and then sliding down in an inflatable ring and repeat.

​All participants must wear gloves, sleeves and trousers as the surface is very abrasive. If the weather is warm, thin layers are highly recommended. We will be putting wax on the bottom of the rings for anyone that wants to slide faster, so please wear old clothes.​  This activity is for anyone age 5+.


We know that lots of children want to play football, but haven't found the session that works for them.  Why not join us for some basic skills and mini games?  The format of the session will depend on who books on, to make sure that everyone enjoys the activity.