DJ / Bingo Stoney- HDSF staff

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Stoney is a Lead Instructor for HDSF who began life as a serial volunteer who will do anything for anyone.  We initially convinced him to join our staff team to support our sessions for people with dementia and their families.

Stoney’s other skills came to the fore when lockdown happened back in March 2020, quickly turning his mobile DJ business into an online disco set up in his spare room. With over 160 disco’s during the lockdowns so far DJ Stoney’s virtual dance floor was is definitely the place to be!

Since life has returned to normal (ish) Stoney has gained his Velotech Gold qualification and is now our vital bike mechanic, as well as a Bikeability Instructor – supporting all of our work providing bikes and training in the community.

With no limit to his talents – he is also our online bingo caller and can occasionally be seen giving the HDSF team a haircut!